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Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen storage is one of our main focuses at SubSpace Energy Hub, for which we are in the development phase with our partners. Currently, we are testing hydrogen storage in hard rock tunnels, as underground hydrogen storage is considered better in terms of safety, better land use, and less costly.

Bringing batteries and hydrogen together can solve the energy storage issue in a fast, potentially economical manner. Hydrogen as a chemical energy storage can complement and serve as a reliable alternative to batteries especially when price for hydrogen drops and becomes more competitive.

By integrating hydrogen storage as an alternative, takes it one step further by offering a carbon free solution. Different from batteries, that need to be charged continuously, hydrogen can be produced and stored and provide in this was long duration storage, or seasonal storage that can be used for back up. The only limitation would be the capacity for storage. A combination of hydrogen storage and battery storage offers a flexibility of carbon-free, energy supply.

In order to move hydrogen storage technologies forward, it is important that hydrogen energy storage projects to be demonstrated and scaled through the support of power generation providers and initiatives like SubSpce energy Hub, that bring players together and offers the infrastructure to prototype the process on a small scale.

SubSpace Energy Hub is a thriving and dynamic platform implemented at the Hagerbach Test Gallery (VersuchsStollen Hagerbach AG), and we are continually looking for new ways of taking our initiatives forward. Therefore, we are open to collaborating with leading Companies, Start-ups, and Academic institutions with a focus.