Electrification in Construction-The road to de carbonization

Electrification of Construction vehicles is closer than we thought and it is about time for this transition, after a difficult year for the energy supply sector.

Recalling the McKinsey report on the Electrification of Heavy Machinery and Equipment, it was analyzed that BEV is already more cost-efficient than ICE, with up to approximately 21 percent lower TCO compared with similar internal combustion engine traditional ICE equipment. This change is attributed to the 40-60% lower operating cost reduction, thanks to reduced fuel consumption, and a simpler drive-train with fewer moving parts, requiring less maintenance.

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Electric vehicles fire myths

The latest article with the participation of our Partners, Ross Dimmock from Normet Group and Barry Flannery from Xerotech over demystifying the limiting beliefs about EV fires, and discovering how electrification means increased safety underground.

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