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DC Microgrids

DC grid denotes DC transmission system of more than two terminals with at least one meshed DC line. 

A DC microgrid is a localized power system that can run independent of the main power grid (AC) by generating and utilizing its own DC power. The most common ways of generating power for DC microgrids are with solar panels, fuel cells and wind turbines with any excess energy stored in battery solutions. 

The DC grid we want to build at SubSpace Energy Hub will provide the following benefits: 

Sustainability : Achieving eco-friendlier impact compared to AC power grids. By being able to control the generation, distribution storage and usage of power, users can pursue their sustainability objectives with more flexibility. 

Reliability : One defining capability that makes the DC grid extremely useful is its capability to island, which means that it can disconnect from the main power grid and run local loads by itself at independent locations throughout the test gallery. 

– Integration : A DC microgrid is able to become part of an integrated smart power system. By connecting power generations to a smart power platform, our test field is able to efficiently distribute power to devices, minimizing unnecessary energy usage and cutting power peaks. Our testing infrastructure is also able to monitor the power generation of the DC microgrid, allowing smarter energy decisions in accordance company energy objectives.