White paper from Roundtable discussion- Economics of BEVs in underground construction is now published!

Click the link to read the full document: White paper- SSEH Roundtable – BEVs – Economics in underground construction

We are pleased to publish the Take-aways in the form of a White paper from the last Roundtable discussion: Economics of BEVs in underground construction, organized by SubSpace Energy Hub, which took place on April 24th at Hagerbach Test Gallery (VersuchsStollen Hagerbach AG).

These take-aways highlight the main ideas, suggestions and conclusions shared by the panelists participating on this discussion, and the next steps planned jointly: Phased implementation, starting with (subsidized) pilot projects, for a smooth and inclusive transition to BEVs.

Read the full paper for the complete picture and full insights on what was discussed and decided.