SubSpace Energy Hub is growing! VirtuRail joins the HUB!


SubSpace Energy Hub is growing! VirtuRail joins the HUB! 🔌

We are thrilled to announce that VirtuRail has officially become the newest member of the SubSpace Energy Hub family! 🌍💡

VirtuRail is a daughter company of tunnelling expert Jäger Bau and automation company MineTronics GmbH. They break ground new ways for site logistics using automated service vehicles (ASV).

The fully electrically powered, rubber-tyred vehicles use the most modern control sensors to manage the routes for supplying the underground construction sites exactly on track without mechanical guidance.
The vision of VirtuRail ASV is driverless. They have developed a complex sensor and control system for this purpose. Testing of this system is presently ongoing. They are convinced that we will be able to use driverless ASV on construction sites in the near future.

We are excited to join forces with VirtuRail, as we embark on this exciting journey towards a greener, more sustainable energy future, and stay connected with us for updates on the initiatives and projects that VirtuRail will bring to the SubSpace Energy Hub community.