SubSpace Energy Hub is growing! SAK (St.Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG) joins the HUB! 🔌

We are thrilled to announce that SAK (St.Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG) has officially become the newest member of the SubSpace Energy Hub family!

As a leading energy company deeply rooted in the St. Gallen and Appenzell regions of Switzerland, SAK (St.Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG), commonly referred to as SAK, is a Swiss energy company and is primarily involved in the generation, distribution, and supply of electricity, as well as providing related energy services. SAK focuses on producing energy from renewable sources, including hydropower, which is abundant in the region.

It brings a wealth of expertise in sustainable energy generation, distribution, and innovative solutions to our collaborative platform and definitely plays a role in contributing to Switzerland’s commitment to sustainable energy production and reducing its carbon footprint.

Their commitment to harnessing the power of renewable sources, aligns perfectly with SubSpace Energy Hub‘s mission to drive forward the transition to cleaner, net-zero and more efficient energy systems.

Join us in welcoming SAK as we embark on this exciting journey towards a greener, more sustainable energy future, and stay connected with us for updates on the initiatives and projects that SAK will bring to the SubSpace Energy Hub community.