SoHHytec, the startup with the revolutionizing technology in Hydrogen production joins SubSpace Energy Hub


SubSpace is growing!

As of March 6th 2023, we are delighted to announce that SoHHytec just joined our network of partners, as a key player Company driving change and innovation in the Energy Sector and the SDG goals towards reduction of carbon.

SoHHytec technology is an innovative solution that drastically reduces the dependence on fossil fuels by producing a clean alternative fuel, simply by using locally available and sustainable resources like sunlight and water

SoHHytec is a startup based in Lausanne, Switzerland which manufactures co-generation systems for the cost-effective onsite generation of renewable fuel (hydrogen + oxygen) and Power (electricity + heat) using innovative patented technology.

Their brilliant technology was inspired and started by mimicking trees and photosynthesis process in an artificial way and making it highly effective, 25 times more efficient than real trees.

The technology is based on their novel photo electrochemical device, which performs artificial photosynthesis, with concentrated solar irradiation by combining multiple physics and chemistry processes in one single device.

SoHHytec was also the winner of Mars Habitat Challenge 2022 at Hagerbach Test Gallery (VersuchsStollen Hagerbach AG), as the startup with the best cutting edge innovation technology.

We are happy to have SoHHytech in our network of partners, a revolutionizer in the field of energy production and reduction of carbon footprint.