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Outcome of the Expert Roundtable: BEV Fire Safety in tunnel construction


The Expert Roundtable event organized by the SubSpace Energy Hub on September 20th at Hagerbach Test Gallery (VersuchsStollen Hagerbach AG) was a successful gathering of a diverse group of stakeholders and top experts in the topic of BEV safety in Tunnel Construction.

The fruitful discussion was rich in clashing perspectives, but the overall common goal is the same, achieving net-zero carbon underground construction sites.

We are convinced the application of BEVs in tunnel construction would significantly be a game changer in this mission, and SubSpace Energy Hub is dedicated to use all the resources to come up with an accurate answer for the industry players interested in this transition.

The Expert Roundtable event was just the beginning of a longer process we are willing to push forward with the most innovative industry stakeholders that will join our team.

Stay tuned for the upcoming news and the full video recording of this discussion…