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Battery Electric Vehicles And The Risk Of Fire In Tunnel Construction

We are very happy to have the upcoming SubSpace Energy Hub Expert Roundtable event featured in the Tunnelling Journal news!!! Click the link to read the full article!

Battery Electric Vehicles and the risk of fire in tunnel construction


We look forward to an enriching event with the participation of leading international experts with a broad representation of industry stakeholders, where we will try to answer the concerns related to fire risks when deploying battery electric vehicles (BEV) in tunnel construction.

Panelists will be representatives of companies such as ImpleniaRental GroupCOWIRamboll, SUVAXerotechmoticsNormet Group, @schutz und Rettung Zurich, VirtuRail GmbH etc., which will involve on a thought-provoking discussion, concluding on establishing a set of conclusions, and hopefully, future areas of further research or work to be done by the industry to allow safer design, management and use of BEV vehicles in tunnel construction.