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Electromobility in underground mining applications


We are excited to be organizing the “Electromobility in underground mining applications” event together with our partner company, Motics. In this event, which will take place from 26-28th of April, SSEH and Motics will be hosting representatives of leading companies operating in underground mining applications, on a 3-day round of presentations, networking, discussion, and exchange.

Our invited Companies: QME, DDP, Xerotech, Tara Mines, Boliden, Rental Group Norway, Normet, will be presenting their products and services with a focus on Exchange on electromobility in underground mining applications and construction machinery; Digitalization aspects for construction site management; Presentation of vehicles; Test drives on the Test-Track at SubSpace Energy Hub, networking, etc.

We look forward to fruitful discussions and collaboration with the participants.